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I am skint! Hence only 1 home.
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Our landline service via the BT/Openreach network is not immune to failing. Often of late it has happened after they have accessed a cabinet in a nearby street and somehow managed to disturb/disconnect our connection. We too tend to just use our landline for broadband and have done so for some years now even though we pay for inclusive anytime calls. We do so not least because the line quality for calls is poor and has been for some time even though Openreach insist it is ok.
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Gets stuck in
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This takes me back. When we bought our current house I had it wired Cat5. The problem with the domestic line was that the cable from the exchange was a 500tp cable to the Lucy in the main road. The cable was old and degraded. Every intact cable had a shunt on it to try to carry the traffic demands.
Then God saw our need and put in fibre from the exchange to a new Lucy on the main road that would be five years ago. I contacted BT or whatever they call themselves and asked to be connected to the new system, they told me it was not available in my area. So I gave Sky a call they had me connected to the new Lucy within 3 days, work carried out by BT. Sadly the speed was very slow. I am talking dial up speeds. Contacted Sky who gave me the if the problem was in my houses wiring then I would be charged. BT came out and knocked on my door telling me that the fault must be in my house as thy had tested the line and it was fine .
I spoke nicely to the BT man and explained that all he had done was test the speed to the Lucy. I invited him in made him a coffee and opened the patch panel detached the two incoming copper wires and asked him very nicely to check the speed on the incoming wires. Yes he did and the speed was not fast it was very slow. So I got free internet for the next 3 years until the copper cable to the street and to the house was replaced. At last now we have broadband speeds. Though the patch panel has a 3/4G wireless router on the Smarty network part of 3. More than half the time the house is running on the 4g system as it is faster and more stable than the BT wires Sky charge me for.
If it was not for the fact that we have had the same phone number since we got married. We would not have the land line. The service on the Smarty SIM card is fantastic and their customer care is great for a company who donít have a customer care dept. They have resolved any issues or services I have been looking for by email within 10 hours. Including providing me with a mobile number that is the same as my house number with the exception of the first two digits the house is 01 the new mobile is 07.
I see land lines to be a thing of the past within the next twenty years.
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