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Old 8th March 2019, 14:58   #1
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Default Shoreham Airshow Crash Result

I am amazed at this result, quite shocked really; I will refrain from further comment.
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Nick Greg
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Its the Jury's decision. Like it or not.
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Old 8th March 2019, 16:19   #3
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A coroner's inquest which has been on hold pending conclusion of these criminal proceedings will now take place, I suspect that a civil case will likely follow that. So it's not quite over yet and my sympathy goes out to all involved which does include the pilot too. He was in the dock but there can be a number of reasons and there often is as for why something like this happens. Maybe more will now come out in a wider wash and hopefully give some closure if that is ever possible with tragic events to those closely affected.
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Old 8th March 2019, 16:33   #4
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It's a miracle in itself that the pilot survived the fireball impact.Regardless of the verdict it's a sentence in itself to have to live with the consequences of his error for the rest of his life.A tragic case for all concerned.

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Old 8th March 2019, 16:49   #5
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I read it's a very high bar to prove negligent manslaughter, obviously the jury felt the prosecution didn't make it.

Perhaps they should have gone for a lesser, easier to prove charge?

He's still a long way to go yet with the coroner inquest in the summer/autumn time.
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Old 8th March 2019, 21:07   #6
Posted a thing or two
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The pilot will know if it was his fault or not and if he has any conscious he will have to live with that for the rest of his natural.

They were saying on the news tonight he might have forgotten what aircraft he was in and thought he was in a JP. I am very dubious with that one and if he can be confused between flying a 30 ton Buccaneer and a 2 ton Jet provost he should not be flying in my opinion. If I am driving a Fiesta or my Transit van the feel is very different and the difference in weight is lot less than the aircraft he supposedly got confused between.

I know if I had killed 11 people through a mistake I would struggle with my conscious.
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Old 8th March 2019, 23:12   #7
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Im no expert on planes, but a racing car driver will know what a vintage race car will be capable or incapable of, compared to a modern race car, so an experienced display pilot should be aware of what a vintage plane will be capable or incapable of. Just my opinion of course.
Cheers Rich.
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Old 9th March 2019, 08:42   #8
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I have always thought the footage of the aircraft was very telling. To my eyes there was no power being applied- it wallows as it comes out of the loop. To me there was a chance that if power was applied he may just have made it.

Had full power been applied small cars on the road behind it would probably have been flipped over by the thrust as it was aimed straight down the A27.

I think the results would still have been horrific - but the evidence to me - admittedly as an armchair expert looks as if the pilot was off in Fairyland at the start of the manoeuvre- he missed the chance to roll out and recover at the top of the loop when he should have known he was too low.

It all points towards him being incapacitated or/and incapable of piloting anything at that moment- let alone a Hunter.
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