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Old 16th June 2019, 17:25   #1
This is my second home
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Rover 75 MK1 Diesel saloon, Rover 75 MK1 Typhoon Diesel saloon, Rover 75 Tourer MK1 Diesel

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Default The new daily

In the past couple of weeks, Iíve been looking for a replacement for my daily shed which Iíve owned for more then four years and also my first 75 Iíve owned. The MOT has now lapsed and Iíve decided to call it a day on it. Itís done 226,000 miles and it shows on the bodywork. The sills are quite bad now and itís at a stage where it needs welding probably each year to get it through the MOT. The engine is sweet but also having issues with wheel bearings, tyre wear etc. I will be breaking it and keeping some bits for spares before scraping the rest.

So, the hunt began. After looking at a few cars on autotrader and on the forum, there was one car that I kept going back to. I enquired of its availability and made arrangements to go view it the following week. Train ticket booked and cash ready, I got the train up yesterday morning at 8:04am to Aberdeen before changing over to Dyce and then catching the bus to Inverurie where member Gary (Lovel) collected me 3 hours later and drove me the seven miles to his home in the small Aberdeenshire village of Methwick. Once there, I had a nose over the 75 and Gary talked through the history of the car and the work that he has done to it over the years in his ownership. It was very obvious that the car had been well cared for through Garyís ownership and prior. A deal was struck without even a test drive as I knew it was the one. We went inside to exchange the cash and do the paperwork over a cuppa and a biscuit and chatted about everything including the hunt for Mrs Singh....(still ongoing and cash still waiting...)

Before setting off, I had a slight setback when the battery went flat. Ignition was left on for a period of time whilst we stood chatting which took the juice out the battery. With a quick jump start by Gary, the car purred back to life. We shook hands and said our goodbyes before I set off. Gary even left me enough fuel in the tank for the 2 and a half hour drive back home. The drive back to Fife was a very pleasant one and it mostly stayed dry before hitting a quick shower when I reached Glenrothes where I stopped off at Morrisinghís for a toilet break and a sandwich. There, I also spotted a rare Maestro in the car park. I got talking to the owner of the car, a young man in his twenties who was keen on older cars. He had purchased it several months earlier and uses it as his daily. I told him about my new buy which he had a good nose of before we parted our way.
I got home in good time. The car drove fantastically well and didnít miss a beat. Itís very smooth and quite quick and just looks the part. Iím deeply in love with the colour - Firefrost Red. I was never a fan of the Mk2 75 but it has grown on me in just a single day. This car is a keeper and I hope to enjoy many miles in it over the coming years.
Some pictures below.

Rover 75 Mk2 Connissour SE 1.8 Turbo
Firefrost Red
Mileage: 81,000

Waiting for the train at Kirkcaldy

Rubbish leg space. Donít ask what the white stains are on my trousers....

Brought my iPad with me to keep me company.

The views across the Tay Bridge

Arrived in Aberdeen

Leg space better on the next train. Still, white stains on trousers, however...

My bus at Dyche for the short journey to Inverurie. Had it all to myself.

Arrived at Garyís. My new baby.

After itís mishap.

Quickly stopped in a lay by on the way home for a picture or several.

At Morrisinghís

The Maestro

My current daily on the left. RIP.

A few snaps from last night after taking it out for a drive.

Wanted - Indian bride. Cash waiting.

First name and forum name: Ravinder

Rover 75 2.0 CDT Connoisseur SE 116 (160 remap)
Royal Blue (JFM)

This vehicle was the 50,481st 75 to run off the production line, out of 112,381
This vehicle was the 2,238th 75 CDT Connoisseur SE to be made out of 3,775
This vehicle was the 5,002nd 75 in Royal Blue (code: JFM) to be made out of 14,420 Royal Blue 75s
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This is my second home
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Thatís a long way north for an Essex registered car !
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Old 16th June 2019, 17:39   #3
Carpe diem
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Looks stunning Rav,and knowing who the previous owner is it's sure to be tip top mechanically.To good for a daily really!

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Old 16th June 2019, 17:51   #4
Posted a thing or two
Rover 75 Connie Mk2 1.8 (Mo), 75 Connie SE 2.0 CDTi (Kim)

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Nice looking car Rav. But do you think you could make the piccies a bit bigger please, there were a few molecules I had difficulty seeing.
Mo was born Tuesday, 22nd June 2004 @ 08:32:41
This vehicle was the 99,307th 75 to run off the production line, out of 112,381
This vehicle was the 5,377th 75 1.8 Connoisseur to be made out of 6,033
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Super looking car nice thumb size pics too
Hope you have lots of happy motoring in it

T4 Owner
Jobs done : new UBP, Spy hole mod, Rear hub(wheel bearing),plenum cleaned and emptied, Inline thermostat fitted,Full service, In car Digital tv/DVD Bluetooth Satnav etc, Replaced UBP, Restored headlights,Fixed airbag connection.replaced HP pump,replaced rear light seals,changed intercooler O rings.

Jobs to do: ,replace drivers lock,.
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Looks lovely, and still wearing it's original dealer plates - I recognise them as Souls used to be my local Rover dealer, approximately 550 miles from where you picked it up!
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Old 16th June 2019, 18:25   #7
This is my second home
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Lovely looking car Rav. It sure does look like a keeper. I like everything about it.
Great Barr, Birmingham.
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Bumble Vee 6
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Should of gone to Specsavers 🤓

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Nice one Rav - how many windows did you look at your reflection in on the way home?
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T4 Diagnostics
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Fanatastic photos Rav looks great in Firefrost. Like I said Iím not a manic polisher, so if you do get round to polishing it up it will no doubt look even better.

Very embarrassing on the battery side though. It had been sitting in my shed unused for the last two or three weeks and with the ignition left on while we were talking was the hopefully the cause for the clicks flashy light syndrome.

BTW, the guy in the photo is not me, I am at least 20 years younger with more hair or so I think.
@@@@@ Genuine NOS Hillman Imp body panels wanted @@@@@@ Almost there just need a Bonnet & Front Headlamp Panel
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