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Default thumb nails

OK i have got the size sorted out but how do you get a full size picture on the thread with going to a thumb nail first ??

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Use something like Photobucket.

Forum Hints and Tips
Using Photobucket
Overview: The following tutorial is a step by step guide on how to upload a single image into your account using the main Photobucket uploader.
Requirements: You must be a Photobucket account holder. You must be using a web browser that supports javascript and has javascript enabled. You can enable javascript in your browser's settings/preferences/options, or refer to the blog post here for instructions.
Steps to Take:

1.Log into your Photobucket account at http://www.photobucket.com
2.From the navigation bar at the top of your album, select the "albums & upload" button.
3.Navigate to the album you would like to upload your image into
4.From the upload panel, click on the "images from my PC" tab.
Note: This process is the same for both Mac and PC computers, but the tab will say "images from my mac" on a Macintosh.
5. You can set the "max image size" for your upload by clicking on the 'options' link. You can do this either before you browse for an image, or after.
6. Browse your computer for the file you want to upload.
Note: Make sure the filename does not have any special characters such as ( / * , ‘ …etc.
7. Double click on the image you would like to upload, or select the "Open" button with the image highlighted.
Note: Supported image file types are jpg, gif, png, bmp (bmp will convert to jpg on upload) and swf files.
8. The "click to add title" field will let you add a description or title to your image. This will display above the image in your album and will be accessible with Photobucket "Search" if your account is set to public.
9. Click on the "Upload" button when you are ready to proceed. This will start the uploading process for your image.
10. The progress meter will be enabled as your image begins to upload. This may take longer depending on the size of your image and the speed of your internet connection.
11. When the image has successfully uploaded, a message will appear at the top of your page that says "1 of 1 image has uploaded!"
12. Your image is now available in your Photobucket account for sharing and linking around the web!

To add a picture from your Photobucket account to a post on the forum. Navigate to your required picture on Photobucket.
Below your picture you will see a series of options.
Click once on "IMG Code" That copies the relevant information onto your clipboard.
Create a new post or start a new thread on the forum or reply to a post.
Paste the content of your clipboard into the post, I have inserted a space in the link below so you can see the result, without the space your picture will appear when you submit or preview your post.
[IMG ]http://i186.photobucket.com/albums/x37/GreyGhost/Picture1.jpg[/IMG]

For those less familiar with computer speak, The clipboard is a holding area for items you have copied, Menu Bar / Edit / Copy. To paste an item you have copied, Menu Bar / Edit / Paste.
Whatever you have copied will be pasted wherever the cursor is.
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