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Thanks for this. All the jacking pads for the ZT-T are in the spare wheel at the present and I'm planning to refit.

I will try my best to clean out first and will spray some "stuff" inside (can't remember the name of the stuff I got from Germany)..

I suppose it is a toss up between having open holes to allow drainage / condensation release and the moisture retaining activity of muck!

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Old 22nd November 2021, 14:00   #12
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Originally Posted by bl52krz View Post
I silicone mine in place. Easy to remove if you want to.
Hi Dave.
Something like this then.



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Went out to assess the jacking points. Realised the hole was quite small to get access to clean out potential grunge. The thought occurred to me to use a gizmo I have for cleaning out blocked drains. It's a pressure washer attachment that has three jets to force it into a pipe and one at the front to blast grunge. Would I be unwise to pop this into the sill and let it loose. Possibly overkill or a good idea prior to the ACF50?
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Originally Posted by edwardmk View Post
Would I be unwise to pop this into the sill and let it loose.
I wouldn't do that Martin. Deliberately introducing water is asking for trouble. The interior of the sills don't normally get wet in service and they are not open along their whole length. For example, there is a bulkhead just forward of the rear lifting point. I think that sealing the pads as has been discussed is sufficient.

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