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Originally Posted by clf View Post
4litres is surely nearly full capacity. Even with lubricity of diesel is that not going to be too thin, possibly even igniting in the cylinder? I would be fearful of running for 10 minutes let alone driving?

I used to drain my oil, then add a litre of diesel to the cheapest oil I could get changing the filter at the same time. Drive for 10 miles to my parents and 10 miles back. This allowed the oil to settle again, before going back 10 miles home to change properly with a filter. Doing this procedure twice over a year saw my oil remain relatively clear between 6000 mile services for the remaining two years of owning the car.

I only did this on one car as the 2.99 gallon oil disappeared, soon after I stopped working at the motor spares store.

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Four litres of diesel fuel aint cheap.... but, in my experience money well spent.

You raise some just concerns. All I can say is I've now done this to at least four of my "project" used cars during the past few years. Previously I would run Petrol-Turbo engines on Diesel Engine Oil on the basis of the additional cleansing agents in Diesel Engine Oil ( which used to be the case ) which did clean out some of that old "varnish" which accumulates on key moving areas. Run the petrol engine on that for 2-3,000 miles then drain and renew with 10-40 S-S. Works to some extent but, not as effective as ALL Diesel FUEL briefly as engine cleansing lubricant.

I never recommend this DIESEL FUEL ENGINE flush treatment. Only can add that it works for me as I go about things sensibly. In every instance, the improvements are both immediately obvious and beneficial. Throttle response, economy, noisy "tappets" become near silent etc., plus, another bonus I like to see. That fresh new oil stays crystal clear for many many miles before becoming discoloured.
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Old 23rd May 2019, 20:23   #10342
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Had a good head scratch over what to do next with my heap of junk....sorry, Rover 75.

Compression test is OK, bit of variation between cylinders but not unexpected given the manual work done to the head. Leak-down test is absolutely fine. No manifold or exhaust leaks (contrary to what a local garage tried to tell me).

And yet it still runs incredibly rich with the fuel trim all the way negative (lean). Won't idle without some throttle when cold.

Fuel pressure regulator? Partially blocked IACV?
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Old 23rd May 2019, 20:52   #10343
Dorset Bob
I've now got a DIESEL too!
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After the MOT pass, last week, of the "Silver Slug", (the diesel auto ) today it was the V6's turn.

It went straight through with no advisories, apart from the tester advising that it is a lovely clean old Rover.

Let the good times roll...............

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