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Old 13th May 2022, 11:57   #21
Posted a thing or two
Rover 75 Saloon MGZT

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the great dilemma, i had 4 , rover 75s and a ZT at one point and do love the cars
BUT, as they got older, more issues arose and unless your prepared to do most of the work yourself, it gets expensive .
I took my current car, a Jeep Grand cherokee v6 diesel turbo for a drive and realised how far cars have come in 15 odd years.
Does the Jeep have the old world charm of a 75, no way , but the handling, power, comfort and reliability are outstanding in this car.
Down side, Jeep parts are expensive but the car is very reliable.
As money gets tighter, its the never ending question, try to keep an older lovely
car with character going with ever increasing issues or buy somthing practical.
Heart over head ??!!
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Old 13th May 2022, 18:14   #22
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Originally Posted by planenut View Post
Are you sure that you did not hit the dog?
Maybe the dog hit the car with a baseball bat?
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Old 13th May 2022, 20:32   #23
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It seems a shame to get rid for such a relatively minor issue - the rear arms and subframe are all 'modular' in that they can be replaced with relative ease (no welding etc).
Both are still available readily, and it keeps another otherwise fine car on the road.

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Old 13th May 2022, 22:08   #24
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Originally Posted by Steamrally View Post
Hi everyone. I have a 53 reg 75 classic se cdt with auto box, 121k miles. The body is good but the paint has lots of marks. Engine & box good. The problem is the rear subframe and suspension arms. Advisory on last mot said they are corroded. So this would cost a lot to put right as I cannot do the job myself, and a garage would be expensive. Therefore should I sell now with 8 months mot. Run her until the mot runs out then scrap. Or try and save enough money to get her fixed. What would you do? I love my 75 and don't want to part with her, but is it worth the cost to put her right?

My subrame has shown "corroded" for the entire 5 years I've had her. Offside suspension arm HAD corroded bady in two bits, but my new garage has heavily plate welded it and it passed it MoT again. If that is your only issue, I'd keep it! Well see my posts you'll see what a numpty i can be with my 75!

If I still llived in Whitehaven I'd be round like a shot to buy it off you!
Off production line 10th July 1999. at crack of dawn.

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Old 14th May 2022, 06:56   #25
This is my second home
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Hi Michael, I haven’t been online in a while but I received an email that you’d sent me a message but my inbox was full. PM on its way

'Marmite' Possibly one of the most famous 75 tourers produced! left the production line as the last of only Three Rover 75 tourers produced in Trophy Yellow. 48 hours later Longbridge closed. The last sold ordered 75 Tourer. Paid for by the Phoenix Four and handed over by John Towers to the Warwickshire Northampton Air ambulance service as a Rapid Response vehicle
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Old 14th May 2022, 08:45   #26
I really should get out more.......
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Originally Posted by Steamrally View Post
Thanks for your help.
I was at Kwik Fit today for a check up and I told the manager I was going to get the subframe done and he just started laughing as though I was a idiot to spend on the old 75, and that is why I asked the question. In my younger days I would just get the job done, end of, how things have changed, it must be an age thing.
One way or another my 75 Will live on.
Don't listen to morons like Kwik fit what they know about cars isn't worth knowing!!
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