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Default Not an MG or 75

Hi sorry to use this forum for non mg/75 related problem, but I know there is a lot of knowledge out there that might be able to suggest my next step. My wife has a Ford Galaxy mk3 2.0 TDCI, she stopped to drop something off at a friend's and it wouldn't start, just a click which suggested a flat battery, we called the AA out who told us the battery was fine and that it could be the starter motor, I bought a replacement and fitted it today but I get a loud click but no turn over, I tried rocking the car back and fourth in gear to see if was a case of the starter motor not engaging onto the flywheel but it is still the same. So I'm left with thinking the replacement is faulty or something else?
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I had an issue on my MGB GT many moons ago. I replaced the two six volt batteries, most of the ignition system. gave up and went to a 'specialist' garage who diagnosed and replaced the starter motor. It still wouldn't turn over when cold
I took the whole of the top end apart in frustration and found a slightly loose engine earth strap, so do check your engine earth strap is good. While you're at it, check your starter solenoid connections and the solenoid itself are OK and make sure the battery terminals are in good shape. It doesn't take much corrosion to stop 12v working. I'm sure other suggestions will arrive from more experienced members (since I have zero specific knowledge of the Ford Galaxy). Good luck.
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