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Old 31st July 2022, 17:04   #21
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Originally Posted by oldie View Post
Absolutely no sign of life when up to temperature, engine running, parked. I would expect something, one of my long gone v6s did nothing but run on whether parked or driving - but that's another matter.
Your V6 probably had a fault so it's unwise to use that as a comparison.

Your V8's fan (air conditioning off) will not run until the coolant reaches 99˚C. This should happen only when moving slowly or stationary in traffic for a period of time.

Regarding joining the trinary switch wires to test the faster fan speed, before posting I checked the V8 wiring diagram and that circuit is identical to the other engines so there is no problem there. However I would recommend that you monitor your actual coolant temperature whilst driving and check that the expansion tank isn't overfilled.

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Old 31st July 2022, 19:04   #22
dave lincs
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I would get this checked by someone who knows and understands how the V8 system works and who has a T4 if you are still not sure how to proceed with this,Please feel free to contact me and I will run a T4 session and check it for you if you ever come up to Lincolnshire as bridging wires on a V8 is not a good idea

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Old 1st August 2022, 23:09   #23
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Fan working. Just like that. However, I think a t4 session is in order before I become too excited. Thank you all for your helpful advice and comments.

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Old 2nd August 2022, 16:28   #24
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From memory as it's been a while since I've had a V8 on T4, that Hevac diagnostics are disabled so a T4 session may tell you very little.

V8 diagnostics especially with the ECM is a bit of a lottery at the best of times too, sometimes they communicate with T4, sometimes they won't


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