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Old 4th August 2022, 13:53   #1
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Default If it's not tied down - -

Earlier this year, waiting for the garage to pick up my car for engine transplant, II went into the boot, accessed the black tool holder on top of the spare, and used the towing eye.
After getting my car back, being a lazy s.o.d. I left the towing eye under the dashboard.
Yesterday, deciding to give the car a thorogh cleaning before visitng my daughter in Welsh Wales later this month
I emptied the boot and took up the carpet to clean it. When I lifted the cardboard wheel cover I found - - - the spare wheel had gone!!! Not any of the tools, just the spare! Garage said they never even looked there as I had fitted the towig eye myself and they left it under the dash.
WHO would want a manky old spare off a Rover 75????
Weird, eh? Gotta Larrff!
Off production line 10th July 1999. at crack of dawn.
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Old 4th August 2022, 16:41   #2
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When my neice's Corsa was waiting to be scrapped, vandals smashed the back window and tried to steal the steel spacesaver spare, despite the car having 4 unlocked alloys? Who can figure the crazy criminal mind!

They must've been disturbed (in more ways than one, eh?), because they left wheel in the car!
I am Kevin, the car is my Viking shield-maiden, Lagetha!

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Old 4th August 2022, 16:48   #3
This is my second home
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I had my spare alloy wheel stolen from the boot while parked at an airport parking place, they type where you hand the keys in. It was replaced with a steel wheel. The only way I knew there was a problem, was that the carpet had not been put down properly as the jump leads were in the way.

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Old 5th August 2022, 13:12   #4
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I remember when Arctic asked if anybody had a spare spacesaver, could they bring it to the next meet, so i took mine and added it to the huge pile of them left by others!
Running like a train & leaking like a sieve

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Old 5th August 2022, 13:40   #5
I really should get out more.......
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I had my L plates stolen once.
Current car: 2005 Honda CR-V in Cosmic Grey, and against my better judgment has become a resto project.
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Old 5th August 2022, 15:15   #6
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Had the gear lever stolen on my Suzuki TS 125 n long time ago, luckily had left it in 1st boy that was a long slow ride home
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Old 7th August 2022, 03:30   #7
Gets stuck in
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many years ago whilst serving with the Navy in Naples, my wife's car went into the local 'trusted' mechanic for something and came back from the garage with a completely different rear view mirror - took days to notice it had changed!! Another occasion, my freelander went in for something and came out minus the contents of the cat converter That wasnt noticed until months later back in the uk on its first MOt!! (the day after coming out of the garage following the cat conv theft, we parked at our local beach and came back to a smashed driver window - someone had tried to nick the stereo - failed and stuck a knife through all 4 tyres!! )
The nerve of some people, sorry for your loss!!!
My 75 Tourer CDTi was born Saturday, 21st June 2003 @ 09:50

My 75 was the 18,749th 75 Tourer to run off the production line, out of 27,407
It was the 195th 75 Tourer CDT Connoisseur SE (135) to be made out of 2,074
and the 1,789th 75 Tourer in Wedgewood Blue Metallic (code: JEL) to be made out of 1,871 Wedgewood Blue Metallic 75 Tourers
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