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Old 19th November 2023, 20:28   #21
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Originally Posted by IainB View Post
Sensor unplugged, using the tails from the blue plug off the old sensor, plugged in to the line to the ABS ECU.
Originally Posted by IainB View Post
Why would I have battery voltage of 12.7v, with +8v and +7v on the tails from the ABS ECU to the sensor?
Iain, forgive me but I'm not sure what you mean by "tails" and therefore how you've wired your test equipment.

The ABS sensors are active devices so need to be connected to the ECU at all times. Are you therefore using a "break out" loom in series with the sensor and ECU which enables you to make measurements whilst maintaining full connection?

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Old 20th November 2023, 06:29   #22
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What I've done is connect an old blue plug with 'tails' of cable to the blue plug from the ECU to the sensor. The sensor is not connected. I then read the voltage between each of the two wires and earth. Battery, 12.7, red lead 8v, yellow lead 7v (approx.)
Reading the other thread again, it appears this may be a mistake...
I'll make up a lead that I can use to measure while the sensor is connected, see what happens. It may not be today, though, bit busy!
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