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Old 18th May 2019, 13:47   #1
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Rover 75 Saloon Club SE

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Default 10th anniversary of Rover 75 ownership - some thoughts

Hi All,

I find it hard to believe that 15 May marked the 10th anniversary of acquiring my Cowley 75. Already 9 years old, it was the oldest car I had ever purchased. While it was a bit of a step into the unknown then, I could never have forecast the pleasure the car would give me, which include in no particular order:

- the friendship, knowledge and support from this Club, both on the forum and at meets;

- the chance to learn of the heritage of both Cowley and Longbridge - and meeting those who work/ed at both factories through events such as Tanya Field's Cowley Convoy and the Pride of Longbridge;

- the fact that the car is a genuinely comfortable place to be in the pressured world of modern driving. I still make new discoveries on the details that contribute to the clever details of the interior design that contribute to this sense of well-being. While it was the dashboard that I had always admired, I only realised the other day how the oval designs so cleverly match up - e.g. the interior door handles, window switch surrounds, air vents, dashboard itself, including indicator 'window's, engine temperature and fuel gauges. No squares or rectangles - so the polar opposite of those computer, tv and phone screens we all spend so much time staring at.

Whether the car still be a practical daily driver for another 10 years may be in doubt, but I am very glad to have had the pleasure of Rover 75 ownership for the first 10.

All the best,


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In my mind, there is no better scenario than driving your 75, surrounded by what is indisputably the best interior a car can offer, listening to your favourite music on a sunny day, be it on a motorway, or rural roads, as your pride and joy carries you in comfort along your merry way.
Some say a car is only to get you from A to B, not in a 75 it's not, it's a journey to savour, however short.
A 75 ? Nothing matches it
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It's about the only car i've ever owned that i always look back at after parking up and i still catch myself looking for excuses to take it out for a drive. Certainly the only car i've ever had that gets washed most weeks and polished on a regular basis and every time i see her sitting in my driveway she still puts a smile on my face just because she's mine.

I have long since come to the conclusion that there is little rational about choosing a car in her 20th year as a daily driver but these cars arn't about being rational but it's all about the emotions they stir

Glutton for punishment ---2.6 SD1 x 2, 3.5 SD1, 820S, 820Si x2, 216 Glsi, 220T saloon, 414, 45 1.4 x2 and now a Cowley 75 CDT
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Old 19th May 2019, 09:05   #4
This is my second home
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I looked at a different type of car but nothing came close. It puts a smile on my face whenever I drive it or just look at it.
Oil in my veins!
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mg zt

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I`ve had mine since 2006
Best motorway muncher i`ve had. Execellent load carrier .
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