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Originally Posted by torque2me View Post
Once again Steve you are on a bandwagon with the Co2 being the culprit when it is only one issue in a complex set of strands. It will not be the cause of COPD and stances may change when or if a person contracts it. Costs the NHS (taxpayers) many million for medicants and it is for life. As everyone has to hold their hand up to some extent the government should bring in a simplified NoX/Co2 formula whereby everyone pays the same amount just as we did 30 years ago. Remember the vast majority of diesel cars/engines sit in a lower tax bracket due to fake emission tests, Co2 vehicles don't.
Once again on a bandwagon? Where else?

The evidence for global warming is overwhelming. Anyone who denies it is being unscientific and putting their head in the sand.

However, there are three elements which remain debatable, in my opinion:

1/ How much of it is anthropogenic

2/ What the effects will be on the ecosystem and on our lives

3/ How to mitigate it

My argument in previous posts assumes we accept the official story on CO2, because that won't change no matter what you and I might think. Any changes we might wish for will have to be in the context of anthropogenic CO2 causing global temperature rises.

I didn’t follow most of your post - your use of language exceeds my ability to understand it - so I'm not sure where we differ. Are you saying that global warming is not happening? Or not anthropogenic? You mentioned COPD, but nobody has ever claimed that COPD is caused by CO2. You must know that the VAST majority of cases of COPD are caused by smoking, not pollution. The evidence gathered over decades is overwhelming. There is evidence that it might be exacerbated by NOx, though. The effects of sub 2.5um particulates are barely understood because they are small enough to enter the bloodstream, but the consequences of that are still largely unknown.

I repeat my main point: if the government wants to reduce CO2 emissions, then the easiest way to achieve that is to tax its production; that is to tax fuel, because it is burning fuel that produces CO2. Whether that is the right thing to do is a separate debate.

In any case, we in the UK produce less than 2% of global CO2, so until America, Russia, India, Germany and Japan take CO2 reduction seriously, everything we do is just urinating into the wind.

In closing, you mention a "complex set of strands", which is true but pollution is a very well understood subject - maybe more so than you appreciate.
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