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Default HGF again and a question.

The HG has gone again after about 5K miles. Steam out of exhaust , coolant from header , and massive coolant consumption . Took the head off, there's indentation by the fire rings and a strange build up of crystallized(?) pink coolant in the waterways and under parts of the HG.
I have been in contact with a local MG specialist for a re-furbished head but my question is: can I use a 1.8k head and cams intended for an MG TF on the Rover 1.8 Turbo? Can I swap the cams over if they are different? Am I completely off beam with my ideas? Sorry that's three questions. Thanks.
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If it's "gone again" after 5000 miles, it wasn't done properly the last time!
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People on this club who have 1.8 engines use a specific type of headgasket when repair is required. You can google on the search engine at the top.However judging by the mileage covered since the last change of gasket, you need to find someone who can do the job properly,as obviously it was not. When the head is off you will need to do a complete inspection of the head and block surfaces heights and firewall , and many other aspects. Its not just head off and replace the gasket,as you have now realised,but if you did try yourself 10/10 for effort. Try to find some one competent , there are people on here who can maybe recommend someone competent , as it needs to be done properly , otherwise you will be stripping down again ... good luck !!
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DIscount MG Rover Spares explain the complexity of head gasket failures. On their web site they advise which gasket type is suitable to repair certain types of failures, what other remedial work may be necessary, and any other concerns you may have. Perhaps you could email them...

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Have a word with David Tomlinson at North West Rover Repairs in Atherton, M23. He does these all the time and never had one come back. To be done properly, the head needs to be pressure tested before reassembly and the type of gasket used in the rebuild will also depend on the liner heights in the block. Nine times out of ten, the Elastomer gasket is the best one to use.
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