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Default Really really useful (ICE) info

There seems to be nothing on this forum regarding the TMC function of the Sat Nav (when I did a search), so I thought I'd share what I have researched regarding this very useful function.

1) What is TMC?

TMC or Traffic Message Channel is a system which allows realtime traffic data to be sent to the vehicle's Navigation system and enables the driver to see via on screen symbols and voice announcemets if there are any hold ups, accidents, closed roads, high-winds etc, and where applicable, offers alternative routes to avoid the problem.

2) Who operates the system, and how much does it cost?

In the UK, a company called "itis Holdings PLC", owns the licence and collates the data required to make the system work. The data is sent out via The Classic FM frequency(although it can't be heard), and as such can be received nationally throughout the country.

itis Holdings sell the licence to use the system to car manufacturers, and as a result there is no cost to the end user (ie) it is free.
Currently the following car makers have a licence to use the system: BMW, Ferrari, Ford, Land Rover, Lexus, Toyota, Mercedes, Mini, Subaru, Nissan, Porsche, Renault, Saab, Vauxhall, Volvo and Maserati.....NOT MG ROVER !!!!

3) How can I get TMC to work in my Rover 75 / ZT?

As you can see from the list, BMW can use the TMC functionality in their cars, and of course our Sat Nav systems are the same as those used in BMWs so by default we should all be able to have the system, however, in practice most owners only get the small black TMC letters at the foot of their screens and "function not available" in the menu. This is because in order to make the system active, the correct Map Disc has to be used which includes on it the extra TMC data codes to convert what the Sat Nav receives from Classic FM into symbols & voice announcements.

The official MG Rover Map CDs were originally supplied by "Navteq", and as Rover had not paid itis for the licence, all Navteq discs came WITHOUT the TMC codes on them. (Some discs would have the TMC logo on the front, but that just meant it would work in continental Europe, not here in the UK.

However, if you are prepared to splash out a little more you can get the TMC encoded Map CDs from a company called "VDO/Dayton". These discs have on them, all the codes needed to make the system work.

A Word Of Warning:

The Rover 75 / ZT was fitted with 2 types of Navigation Computer, the original unit known as a Mark 2 looks like this:

and I have found that when a TMC map disc was used in one of these, it caused the Sat Nav to crash frequently. This may be because the early units were produced from 1999 onwards, but itis's TMC system with BMW didn't come about until 2002, and so the the hardware may not have been compatable with their code data. (or perhaps this was just an isolated annomaly with the old mark 2 I was using - although it worked perfectly with a non TMC disc)

The other type of navigation computer, fitted from late 2001 onwards was the Mark 3

And this unit has no problems using TMC enabled discs.

4) So what do you get for your money and how does it look?

Once a TMC disc is inserted, the little TMC letters on the Hi-Line Sat Nav screen will turn from Black to Green. The system has to "borrow" the radio tuner and finds Classic FM automatically if you aren't using it at the time so you don't have to listen or even have it switched on. Otherwise the only radio station you can listen to if you want it to work is Classic (you can always use the CD player or Tape deck)

Once you have set a destination, the map screen will show any traffic incidents as symbols, with a large scale like this:

or if closer like this......and they appear in Red if they lie on your path of travel

When an incident is received, the voice announcement will say something along the lines of "Attention in 12 miles, stationary traffic", it will also show you the distance to the problem, how many miles the problem lasts for, and the distance remaining before your last opportunity to turn off to avoid it......

Also, where available, it will offer you a diversionary route to avoid the problem, just select the red "Diversion" option....

Black arrows appear along the route to show you the direction and length of the affected area.....

You can select from the menu, what items you want the TMC to alert you to, and which you would rather it ignore........

Finally, here is a list of the TMC symbols that you might encounter, and what they mean. (I haven't seen all of these myself though)

If I have forgotten anything, then appologies, but I hope this answers a few questions about TMC, and I wish my dealer could have told me a tenth of what I've had to find out for myself about it.
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This site has all sorts of in car related and general electrical info
The bit on Cruise Controls looks interesting
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Originally Posted by Reebs View Post
There seems to be nothing on this forum regarding the TMC function of the Sat Nav (when I did a search), so I thought I'd share what I have researched regarding this very useful function.
Useful info. I took some time to grasp what was happening when we took the car to Spain last year. I'd never seen the triangular caterpillar-like icons before. However we took advantage of the system to negiotiate a route around a congested part of the Madrid ring road. Amazingly it took us through the airport road system to come out on the other side of the hold-up!

What a system though, never referred to a map and it found hotels for us.
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Old 10th May 2007, 23:13   #14
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found this Pin-out Diagram whilst searching around yesterday and figured once it's passed scrutiny, It might be usefull for some....


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No good Nick, you have to be logged in to that forum, fancy another go
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Exclamation Correct Procedure to Shut down OEM SatNav (Highline or Lowline)

I find myself having to re-write this list of steps every now and again so I feel that it should have a more permanent position in this thread. Please feel free to reference this post in all your posts http://www.the75andztclub.co.uk/foru...1125#post81125

It is important to correctly shutdown the Rover SatNav systen (lowline or highline) before you disconnect your cars battery. This stops you accidentally damaging your system. Also, don't assume that all garages know this procedure if you need work done on your car...

Right... here's what to do.
  1. Open bonnet and boot. Open all four doors - just in case you need access.
  2. Switch off the car at the ignition along with all systems (ie lights, stereo etc).
  3. Now wait.
  4. It is important that you do not touch anything (ie window switches, door latches or even the lights) because doing so will 'wake up' the SatNav system and you'll have to wait longer....
  5. Keep an eye on the little red LED on the Nav Computer. Once it goes out and stays out you know the system has shut down.
  6. Again, do not touch anything!
  7. You may now safely disconnect the battery.
Use this procedure whenever you want to disconnect any components of the SatNav system and if you need to disconnect the battery for whatever reason - even if only briefly.

I should also note it is important you do not press any buttons on you're keys when the battery is disconnected as you may risk 'confusing' the key fob and car.

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Default 7 Digit Post codes at last for MK4 users

A few people have managed to edit DVDs to add 7 Digit Post codes as POIs at last but the procedure to use them is torturous so say the least as shown in the pdf

I do not know where to get the DVD from or how to do a diy one so don't ask you need to work that out for yourself

The good thing is at last the requirement is beginning to get implemented
Attached Files
File Type: pdf 7_Digit_Postcode_Input_HIGH.pdf (513.4 KB, 281 views)
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Old 14th September 2008, 18:48   #18
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A source for a replacement CD drive for The Navigtion Computer
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Default Connects 2 interface, installation order.

I've been struggling for a while (actually a long while) to get a T69 to work.

I got the connects 2 interface easily enough, but couldn't get a cable for a sensible price. I found a similar Alpine cable and tried it but got nothing. Cartridge would eject, but didn't even check if discs were in the cartridge, and the head unit showed no CD at all.

So I finally found a cable on fleabay for a sensible price, connected it all up, ran out to the car and connected. It worked, hurrah.

Anyway, wasn't fitting it that car but my other. Finally got it in at the weekend, plugged it all up, and the same symptom as before. Load and eject cartridge, nothing else.

Eventually after trying loads of other things, connected the CD to the connects 2 box, before connecting the whole thing to the car. Then it works fine. So the order of connection is vital for it to work!

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Default harman kardon or not?

hi all, wonder if anyone can help?
just bought a 75 on a "v" plate, 2.5 conn se.
the previous owner told me it had a harmon kardon system fitted, it has a rear window blind (electric), also a highline sat nav/with working tv,i have searched your site and have noticed the harmon kardon rear speaker sits on the parcel shelf,my car DOES NOT have this, also their is no subwoofer in the boot?
have i i been done like a kipper?
hope someone can help
many thanks
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