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This is my second home
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Default Ways to Search the Forum - Take 2

Reading again through Reeb's sticky post at the top of the main page reminded me of a system I put together a few years ago to improve on the poor search engine then in use. So, I decided to leave a 'Search Term' marker on any post I made that covered a subject of general interest. This enabled me to easily find it again at any time. Eventully I had quite a long list of these Search Terms that someone else may find useful too.

Anyway, although I stopped extending it long ago, the list is given below. All you need to type into the forum search box is the upper case and any special characters shown.

4BS = 4-wheel brake sensing idea
#ACRO# = Acronyms and Abbreviarions
BRC = Bonnet Release Cable
#BCF# = Bonnet Cable Fix. The 'Shuttle Shuffle'. Also see BRC Bonnet Release Cable.
#CFO# = Cooling Fan Operation
#CFR# = Cooling Fan Resistor
#CFW# = Cooling Fan Wiring (Kenlowe, etc)
#CPR# = Crankshaft Pulley Removal (Thread with suggested custom made tool)
#dpump# = Diesel pump stuff. How to replace with Peugeot version.etc.
DTG = Digital Temperature Gauge
DTJ = Double Thermostat Jeopardy. Overheating in 1.8 PRT engines if fitted with an upper stat.
DZUS = Dzus fasteners / Turnbuckles / Undertray screws
#ETB# = Engine Tie Bars - Lower tie rods, teardrop mounting, part numbers, etc.
FFOR = Fuel Filter O-Rings
FFS = Fuel Filter Syndrome
FFSPICS = FFS info with Pictures
FOC = Fabled Orange Clip
FOCPICS = FOC info with pictures
FSP = Fractured Spring Protector
#Gap# = Facelift Bonnet Gap issues, guidance on fixing.
#HLA# = Head Lamp Adjusters, Adjustment mechanism, fault solving (esp. see: http://forums.mg-rover.org/showthread.php?t=306324)
#HID# = HID projector lamps, projectors and their types
IPK = The 'Instrument Pack' (German). Sometimes mis-written as IKP.
IPKDM = The IPK Diagnostics Mode. Set up procedure, computer stuff, monitoring engine temp & other related stuff
#KEY# = Ignition Key related info. Replacement keys, coding, cutting, chipping, etc
#KPC# = Kick Plate Clips (Cheap equivalents from eBay)
#LDP# = Left Drift Phenomenon (See also PLS = Pulling Left Syndrome)
LSM = Lights Switch Module
#MCS# = Maintenace Check Sheets. Posts with 2004 version images.
#PCR# = Plenum Cover Removal
#plen# = An overview of the plenum and its drains
PLS = Pulling Left Syndrome (see also #LDP# Left Drift Phenomenon)
QSS = Quick Search System. Recovers info on this system. Also gives info on the proper way the forum search system works.
#RSC# = Rear Seat Cushion - Removal & refitting - My How To
#RWT# = Rear Wheel Toe , specs, adjustment, etc.
#SDC# = Spring & Damper Codes. Model specific references, etc.
#SHR# = Swivel Hub Removal (from Haynes)
#SIL# = Silicone hydraulic fluid. DOT5 fluid. Warning on use in standard systems.
SPP = Sinking Pedal Phenomonen
SSS = Stuck Stat Syndrome (common in diesels leading to poor fuel consumption)
STS = Slack Tappet Simulator - the petrol vapour recycle solenoid valve.
#STP# = Standard Tyre Pressures - As quoted in the Handbooks
T4 = MG Rover's proprietory diagnostic computer system
#V6B# = KV6 Cambelt stuff, fitting advice, part numbers, etc.
v6stat = V6 Thermostat, housing & associated pipes, photos, Part Numbers, metal version
VIN = Vehicle Identification Number
#VIS# = Variable Intake System stuff (V6) esp motor replacement.
#PVR# = Petrol Vapour Recycle system (The petrol vapour recycle system/solenoid valve, etc)
#VRS# = Vacuum Refilling System for coolant. The Pela 6000 HowTo, and mods thereof.
#WBR# = Wishbone Bush Replacement (with new advice on cutting old bush out to allow easier access to bolts.
#WFG# = Warranty and Faulty Goods

I guess some of these may have been superceded by improved info, but they're a start.
- TC
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This is my second home
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Thumbs up

Impressive and very useful. Thanks for that TC.
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This is my second home
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Absolutely brilliant. Thank you.
member no. 235
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Posted a thing or two
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Thankyou for all your hard work ... We are very lucky we have you ...
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