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Default Terms & Conditions For Advertising In The Club Classifieds Forum

If you have something to sell then here's a great place to advertise it

Please note that your use of this specific forum is for items offered for sale only. If you are trying to find an item, please post in the Wanted section instead. Any posts that are not advertising items for sale in here will be moved and although we try to do so out of courtesy, we reserve the right not to inform you.

The For Sale section includes sub-forums for people or companies that hold premium trader status within the club. This is their own area for you to see everything they are currently offering in one place.

You may not attempt to collect personal information of other members, harvest email addresses or use the content of these forums for commercial gain.

In order to list items to sell, you are required to pay a club membership subscription of £10. To do this, click on the Subscribe button at the top of any forum page. The club cannot be held liable for any adverts published for the sale of goods and or services, either by members or by any other organisation

Items posted for sale must carry the asking price. Asking for offers is not allowed, except, concurrent with common practice, in the sale of a whole car belonging to a member, where the words "or very near offer" (OVNO), "or near offer" (ONO) will be acceptable.

Members listing allowance
  • Subscribed members = unlimited items per month *subject to a fair use policy
  • Unsubscribed members = 0 items per month
  • Subscribed traders = unlimited items per month

Fair Use Policy
Whilst we are keen to see members help fellow members by placing their unwanted items in the for sale section, the unlimited allowance of items for Red Subscribed members will be subject to a fair use policy. This refers to any member who repeatedly uses these forums exclusively for the listing of goods or services and little else.

In such cases, posting history will be reviewed and a judgement made on whether a particular member is just using our boards as a business platform to turn a profit. In such cases a trader subscription will be required, or listed items will be removed and additional steps taken.

This rule has had to be introduced in order to protect the value of the trading subscription on our boards for those who pay a premium to make a living here and in so doing, help to support the club in meeting it's financial liabilities.

Registered Members whose names are in light blue may not use the forums for commercial gain without first becoming 'Red' Subscribers or through purchasing a Traders Subscription. This includes advertising goods and services either publicly, via the PM facility or email, or promoting goods or services within your user signature, or below your username.

Activity on the forums that would be considered 'Trading' would include the following actions.
  • Regularly buying items with the intent of selling them to return a profit
  • Supplying a product or service for profit
  • Advertising services or products via the forums through your signature or username under title
  • Breaking an entire car - for which the minimum Bronze level trader subscription would apply.

The act of trading is not limited by product or service type. If you are unsure then please ask a moderator

‘Quiet Traders’
Quiet traders are individuals who use the facilities of the club to sell products and services with the intention of profit. This is unfair and dishonest and considered to be a serious breach of trust that we encourage between members.

Please remember the forums are actively moderated and any members who are deemed to be undertaking quiet trading will be monitored and their selling history examined. We reserve the right to remove and place in a holding area any post made by people considered to be trading, with subsequent action taken where a clear explanation is not given. We do not undertake this lightly however, and will always approach the subject matter fairly and without prejudice.

We reserve the right to remove any item from sale if we deem it appropriate to do so.

************************************************** **
Note to Sellers
To avoid misunderstandings or other issues the sale of vehicle related items should include the following:
  • What vehicle the part is suitable for
  • Whether the item is new or used
  • The condition of the item

We request that this section is used responsibly. No offering for sale anything that is of an adult nature, or for products or services that are against the law in the United Kingdom. To put it simply, if you think the item or service you are selling may be found to be objectionable by other people then please go somewhere else. Any posts not in accordance with this request will be withdrawn.

RAVE workshop manual & Xpart Electronic Parts Catalogue
The advertising and promotion of these items is prohibited on the forums. Xpart are the legitimate copyright holders of said work, and do not make them available for sale to the general public. Please do not attempt to sell copies of these items especially those that may have been obtained from on-line auction sites. Any attempt to do so will result in the items being removed.

Note to buyers
If you are thinking of buying an item, check the details carefully before getting out your wallet and please make sure you have the details given above before making a decision. If you don't then you are really not in a position to complain afterwards if the item does not meet your expectations.

Please also be aware, if you are purchasing an item via the forums using Paypal, some people may ask to be paid via a "gift", this will allow the seller to receive the payment without incurring any fee's, BUT, this will also leave you without any Paypal protection as this is a gift.

The club recommends that you use the standard payment option and do not make a gift payment as this will ensure your payment is protected. Only pay as a gift if you are confident you have a level of trust with the seller and are sure that is the way forward for you

The club is not responsible for any problems which may arise within a transaction. This is solely between seller and buyer.

Also please read the FAQ (Club Rules)

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