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Cool Lucky yellow

A man goes to the doctor after feeling unwell for some time, after a series of the tests the doctor tells him it's very bad news, that he has an incurable disease called yellow 24:

He tells the man that he could be struck down at anytime, that the first symptoms would be the man would turn yellow and then within 24 hours he would be dead. The man is obviously devastated, but the doctor can do nothing and advises the man he makes a will and makes his peace with the world.

The man returns home and tells his wife, who is shocked to hear the news and breaks down crying.

The man consoles her by saying that he had always tried to be a good husband, but if there was anything he had done that might cause her regret, then he would like to make it up to her.

She tells him that indeed he had been a good husband, but one thing that had always upset her was that he had always made fun of her one interest in life, going to the bingo.

The man says that he was sorry for making fun of her and that he would accompany her to the bingo that night to show how much he cared for her.

So there they are together at the bingo, the man has his bingo card in front of him and as the callers shouts out the numbers he starts marking them off, first he gets all four corners, he wins £25. Then he gets a line of numbers, he wins ¬£50. then he gets a full house, he wins £500. Then his card comes up on the national draw and he wins £100,000!

The man goes up to the caller to collect his prize money and the caller says to him.
"I have never seen anything like this before, it's incredible, you must be the luckiest man alive!"

"You've got to be kidding." The man says. "I've got yellow 24"

"Unbelievable." Says the caller. "You've won the raffle too!"
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