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Duncan harlock

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Default Which steering rack will fit my MG ZT-T?

Dear All my steering rack is shot, leaking like sieve it is a 05 MG ZT-T 2.0 diesel estate and need to know if l can fit a Rover 75 one as when looking on line lm being told the MG ones are different but I don't see why they should be as they are basically the same car. Can anyone help me here and give a good place to get one also please!
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Looking at Rimmer Bros (not suggesting you purchase from here mind), the rack part number is QAB000220E (reconditioned/exchange):


Another recondition/exchange unit here:


A used item here:


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My advice is don't buy any replacement at all. Remove your leaking rack and send it to Jay Gee Hydraulic Services in Wolverhampton. They will refurbish it and you'll have it back in about 48 hours. Better the devil you know.

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Facelift cars have a better turning circle if your buying second hand.
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Old 27th November 2018, 19:12   #5
Number 6
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Originally Posted by trikey View Post
Facelift cars have a better turning circle if your buying second hand.
how much better Trikey ??

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Dorset Bob
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Lock to lock, it is 3.2 turns for the earlier Rover 75 and 2.95 for the MG ZT.
Later, the MG ZT rack was standardised across the range, so face-lift Rover 75 were fitted with them.

The ratios are according to post number 3 here


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Originally Posted by Aikin866 View Post
My recommendation is don't purchase any substitution whatsoever.
Hi Aikin866 thats an interesting reply..and i like the idea very much...are you suggesting all parts should or could be repaired or just this steering rack issue?
I recall the usual advice if an alternator goes now is to replace with a new one...but when i worked in the canalboat industry we took failed electrical items to be repaired...an option i wonder if some of us have forgotten.Are you in a position to do most repairs yourself?
apologies for being so late to the thread btw....newly subscribed and just trying to get to grips with the forum
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