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Old 15th August 2022, 08:38   #166271
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Morning . . . . again! Got up when the lovely guys working in the car park museum fired up the bulldozer at 7:30 They've also got this naff security thing set up in their compound, detects anyone near it, trouble is also detects anyone nearby walking their dog! Sounds an alarm (same as the red alert alarm in the original Star Trek ) then a recorded message telling anyone to bugr off or words to that effect. Really gets on your wick after you've heard it for the umpteenth time that day

Dry at the moment, well when I say dry its not raining just now. Supposed to stay dry(ish) until early afternoon then thundery showers for the rest of the day.

Freezer cleaning when I work myself up to it. Defrosted the chest freezer in the garage yesterday so got that to clean out.

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Old 15th August 2022, 08:40   #166272
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Morning all, the rain has arrived in Torquay, hopefully it will turn things a bit greener!

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