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Old 26th November 2021, 15:34   #11
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Originally Posted by rab60bit View Post
Thanks for the responses, I've ordered a pair of Mehle HD - with VAT and the carriage etc. they come to me at £24 each.
Please note I updated my original post (regarding the 'life' from this last pair of links off DMGRS who I do support whenever possible) but it was December 2016 @146K when I replaced both front struts and the drop links (again as MOT failures in that November) with DMGRS components
- the O/S strut was advised as 'misting' in December 2020 @165K
- the O/S strut "serious leak" and the N/S drop link "...linkage ball joint likely to become detached" both fails yesterday @167K
Matt agreed to replace the strut FOC last year so I have it ready to fit but approx. 20K for both components ain't good (particularly the strut) and I don't attempt to do them myself so it's labour costs on top.
Anyone know who supplied the MGR production line with drop links?
Should I give both drop links some extra grease, if so what grease must I use?
Hello there, I'm sorry to see you've had less-than-expected life from these.
The originals were made by Delphi, however unfortunately they confirmed some years ago that the original tooling no longer exists and that their current 'offering' is outsourced - so likely no better than other options out there.
A shame, as they're by far the best option - we do occasionally get some in with our 'old stock' however I'm honestly not sure if there's any left out there in the wild now.

If you do order again, drop me a PM and I'll arrange some discount for the short life. They may be over our warranty in terms of years, but I'd expect more mileage from them.


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Old 26th November 2021, 22:40   #12
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the mehle droplinks seem well made. i bought a set 6mths ago. they are very well packed with grease under the rubber boots. i would not attempt to put more grease in them again as i tried. maybe the sringe idea will work but once the rubber boots have been disturbed, once on full lock they will keep slipping off.they have very weak boot retainer springs. an mot or advisory/ fail actually for allowing the ingress of dirt. to be fair to DMGRS his offerings are pretty good and do have excellent boot cover springs. i have put some new ones on from mat again now and will try to secure the boots on the mehle ones again. if you have already bought the mehle ones , just leave them alone and fit them as they are.
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Old 29th November 2021, 14:51   #13
I really should get out more.......
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Originally Posted by Sonic ZS View Post
Did I see that DMGRS have an offer on at the moment on these, plus a no-quibble 4 year guarantee ?

Personally, I'd rather support a business like DMGRS that have helped to keep our cars on the road for the long term (think re-manufactured suspension arms ), than an unknown ebay seller with a warranty that's full of loopholes and may well have disappeared if/when you need to make a claim

Just a thought.....
Absolutely agree, without these guys we all be at the mercy of .....
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Old 29th November 2021, 19:38   #14
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I've just had a major front end refub done with many DMGRS parts .. can't comment on longevity yet but it has totally transformed the car and their prices were very competitive.

From Dmgrs.... 2 struts, 2 springs, 2 top mounts and bearings, 2 dust covers, 2 drop links
Elsewhere... Upper and lower spring isolators, spring assistors (I think that's the rimmer's description)
2 x Kumho tyres from local tyre place
Disks and pads plus 3.5 hours labour to fit the above from local garage

£1k give or take but has transformed the car, worth every penny.

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Old 30th November 2021, 21:38   #15
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alot of people put too much onus on the droplinks . meaning that there are many other reasons why on some cars they do not seem to last as long as they had hoped. everything from worn top mount rubbers and bearings, weak shock absorbers, weak springs, bump stops, worn steering and suspension joints, and lower arm rear bushes to name but a few. the much repeated say of the fact that they dont last as long as the originals is probably true . however it has to be remembered that all of the above components were new . not withstanding the above , there is also some cheap tat out there to avoid, DMGRS droplinks are a reasonable buy costwise , and at least you know what your getting. ...
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Old 30th November 2021, 21:57   #16
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I agree with the above and have made the same point many times before. I have also made the point that I never seem to have issues with premature failure of suspension components and this is possibly because I tend to go for more or less complete rebuilds e.g. damprs, springs, bushes, droplinks etc.
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Old 7th December 2021, 15:22   #17
Posted a thing or two
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Originally Posted by SD1too View Post
Hi John,

I would ask the tester for a fuller explanation of what he found. "Likely to become detached" could mean that the fixing nuts need tightening.

Had the Mehle drop links and replacement O/S strut fitted this am and it got through the re-test OK this afternoon.
The N/S drop link lower joint was the culprit, it wasn't as bad as the tester's comment "....ball joint likely to become detached..." but the bellows was intact and there was more than a little play in it so my guess is either insufficient grease or a poor (SIAC/DMGRS) product to begin with.

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Old 8th December 2021, 01:47   #18
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Fitted some myself the other day for local owner, i used two nuts on the end that fit to the ARB


Spray painted them red

These are becoming a yearly fix now unless you can find some really good ones, i always add extra grease no matter what make i use.
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