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I really should get out more.......
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It only takes a few moments to take the time to give an update of an impending outcome. It's also the polite thing to do after fellow friends take the time to help with advice. 👍
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Gets stuck in
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Originally Posted by SD1too View Post

They may have relied upon the system holding a vacuum as proof that there were no leaks. I found out by experience a few years ago that this is not the case! A nitrogen gas pressure test is a far more reliable method and only the air conditioning specialists will have the equipment to do that.
I can confirm the same regarding the vacuum test. My truck's system hadn't blown cold for a few years. One place said it would NOT take a charge back then, so the compressor must be at fault. I wasn't willing to spend the money then for what was essentially a work truck. Also, the compressor had never made a bad noise.

This year/last fall I needed it because of it's automatic transmission (broken clutch leg from the bike crash), so tried a different place with a money back guarantee. They put vacuum to the system and it held. They got it gassed up (with dye added) and it worked great ------------ for a week. I took it back and they found the dye tracks all over the back of the compressor. Yet, it held vacuum.
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dave lincs
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Originally Posted by SD1too View Post
Hello John,

Overfilling with refrigerant is the least likely reason for the lack of cooling. Your condenser may be inefficient due to corroded fins and/or the refrigerant gas may be leaking out through dry seals. The good news is that your compressor is engaging. I wouldn't worry too much about the noise at the moment. That can be the result of a low charge.

What you need to do is to use an air conditioning specialist, either with premises (rare these days) or a mobile self employed person. They will not just recharge the system but use everything at their disposal to check your system thoroughly. If you're anywhere near Colwyn Bay, forum member Jules offers air conditioning services and specialises in the 75/ZT.

The overfilling of refrigerant can and will make the pump noisy it will do this until the system has to much pressure it cant cope and the trinary switch will then cut the power to the compressor, until the pressure drops then the compressor will cut back in during this the air con will feel warm, the non operation of the cooling fan will also give the same symptoms

simple test from cold start engine low pressure pipe will go cold as normal then start to get warm and high pressure pipe will get red hot if so to much gas or fan not working
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I really should get out more.......
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Originally Posted by johnnyb44 View Post
Hi, just a quick update.
Well it's turned out the condenser is leaking. The other garage gave the aircon system a good checking over and discovered it to be leaking. That's another job on the list to tick off. I'm a bit confused as to, when I had it re gassed the other week, i was told by the other garage it was all good and there was no leaks, only for it to fail a few days later. As said before I'm reluctant to take it back and complain as the garage owner who did it, is really not in the best of health and looks really frail. I just don't want to cause him any undue stress or aggro over what's essentially just a piece of metal. Plus it could be just coincidental it's failed when it did.
So I'm going to right this off to experience and just get it sorted out at another garage. Its not a desperate /vital part of the car that needs fixing to keep me on the road, but non the less i would like to get it sorted sooner than later.
Many thanks for all the help and support given, and to be fair you guys here, diagnosed the problem without even looking at my car.
All the best to you all.
That's because they didn't check anything!, they simply refilled the gas any which way they could, then told you all was well!, go back and ask them for your money back.
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