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Old 23rd May 2019, 19:07   #1
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Default Powerfold mirror motor test?

I have a set of powerfold mirrors that i am considering fitting to my car, but before i go ripping the doors apart, am i able to test that the motors actually work in the mirrors before fitting, as they havent been used for some time? My car doesnt have the required wiring/switch for powerfolds but I have these off a donor car. Thanks for reading.
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Old 24th May 2019, 00:51   #2
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I've installed a set of skull powerfold mirrors last week. As I could not fit the loom ( my car is LHD and the loom was RHD) I removed the orange wires with the plugs from the loom and installed in the door loom of my 75. I started with the driver side as it's easy to install and get a test to see if is actually working once you have the new switch cluster with power fold mirrors button.

You can see in this video.

Btw I did not remove the doors in order to fully installed the wires.
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Wire the motors across the battery from the two powerfold connections on the mirror. connected one way will open the mirror, reversing the polarity will close it.

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