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Default My head hurts help

I that this has been probably been discussed several times over the years, but can anyone tell me what is the definitive best way to deal with surface rust? There is so much advice out there it's confusing, Dinitrol, Permatex, Waxoyl, etc and then the arguments for and against each product and how often it should be applied.
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I can't offer a definitive answer but...

A lot of people speak highly of Bilt Hamber Hydrate 80 which is a rust converter. It's best to remove the surface rust and flakey parts first ie with wire brush and then thoroughly clean and degrease the area before applying the hydrate 80. It changes colour as it works its magic.

I'd imagine you'd then want to paint over the area or maybe apply some underseal. I'm not too clued up on what's best here but there's certainly a lot of info and praise online for dinitrol and dynax etc.
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I have reently tried Jenolite rust converter, works in a similar fashion to hydrate 80, turning a nice blueish colour when dry. I have then used red oxide paint on top, followed by hammerite. If the rust comes back, I'll give up!!!
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