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Default What car did you pass your test in ? and how much?

Took lessons from August 1977... failed 2 tests... passed my test on Tuesday 21st February 1978 in a Fiat 124 four door saloon... Driving instructor was an ex-police chief from Barbados..... even showed me photographs (as i didn't believe it either) Even had a 1 hour lesson on the M4 to London and back to Reading.

Oh! i paid £3.50 a lesson, and did I moan when it went up to £4
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Passed my test Nov 1st 1990 in a red Nissan Micra owned by my instructor. ☺Boy did it vibrate over 50mph! Was driving my own Vauxhall Cavalier GLS before the Micra though with dad teaching me. Still have the Cavalier in the garage but cant afford to get it out...yet. Hoping to long term tho!
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I passed my test in 1964 in a Bedford CA van amazingly at the first go because when I drove off I had left the sliding door open, in those days you could drive around with the door open. Perhaps it was my emergency stop that impressed, I nearly put the little lady examiner through the windscreen. No seat belts in those days!!
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only had 2 lessions me dad told me how to drive as he did with my brother i past 1st time in a vauxhall viva 1978.. my brother failed on the 1st attempt not using his rear view mirror enough but past the second time
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A wonderful little Wolsely Hornet.
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Originally Posted by m2n View Post
passed my test on Tuesday 21st February 1978 in a Fiat 124 four door saloon

My friend's father had a 124 Special T which went like stink. Combination of a smashing engine and tinfoil bodywork which weighed nothing.

Passed me test first go in a dark green Viva HC, despite mounting the kerb with the rear o/s wheel in the reversing-round-a-corner test. In my defence, Your Honour, the streets were a couple of inches deep in snow at the time - maybe he realised I couldn't actually see the kerb
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BSM Metro, 7 lessons 1982!
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1980 datsun cherry in early 84
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When I were a lad
Zero to 142 in 10.25 secs at the Pod on my Blown Norton.

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I really should get out more.......
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Two months after I was 17 in 1973. Passed first time after three lessons in my Vauxhall FB VX4/90
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