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Old 1st June 2024, 06:21   #1
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Default A Big Thank You too all Members and The Club

This is for all the help and support I have received over the last 16 yrs of ownership which has helped me keep the car on the road as a daily driver.
Unfortunately my wife had a senior moment,mounted the kerb and crashed the car(2001 Connie 2.5 KV6) into a large public artwork,writing the car off and my no claims bonus!!.The car was in great condition(190,000 KLMS)and not a spec of rust.
Best Wishes for the Future
Dan Gardner (myrova)
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This is my second home
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Hopefully, the car kept her safe, which is the most important thing. It's hard to give up our cars, especially in such circumstances. best of luck for the future.
Oil in my veins!
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Old 1st June 2024, 07:59   #3
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Sorry to hear the news but at least the car done its job and kept your wife safe. Donít be a stranger, pop in from time to time to let us know what car you have to replace the Rover with.

All the best for the future.

235,536. MG club weekend away on the horizon.

onen hag oll
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Old 1st June 2024, 08:07   #4
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Dan, as has been said, it's good that your wife is safe, I am sure you have had a bunch of mixed emotions.

Also, as Flying Banana has said, do visit the forum, as you will have information and experiences that will benefit others.

Good luck, Fred (planenut)
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Old 1st June 2024, 08:34   #5
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Oh no! Sad news regarding the car but at least your good lady is ok.

Take care.

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Lest we forget..
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Old 1st June 2024, 12:29   #6
Posted a thing or two
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Sad end for the car but the right outcome in every other aspect (except your NCB takes a hit). Stay with us, the Club are a great bunch of enthusiasts/gurus
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Old 3rd June 2024, 22:29   #7
This is my second home
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Sorry to hear your bad news. Bonus point that your wife is ok. See if you can keep the car and sell any spares, then weigh it in .
Great Barr, Birmingham.
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Old 10th June 2024, 12:01   #8
Martin Butler
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Cars can be replaced, people can't Thats the important thing,
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