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Old 10th June 2024, 12:20   #1
Martin Butler
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Default Thank you everyone

Thank you everyone for your help and advise that you have given me
Recently the rover has become troublesome and my health issues at the time had still not resolved themselves,
Someone I know locally made me an offer for the car, and I fealt it was time to move on, So What car did I replace it with,

So far, fingers crossed i have been vertigo free for 6 weeks, this is the longest time so far, Isaw the ENT specialist last monday and i had a hearing test, i have lost 90 percent of my hearing in the right ear, and i am waiting for a CT test,

So what did i buy?? I decided to down size, and i't still in the family, its an MGF i never set out to actually bid on this car, it came up on my bids ending soon radar, I have always liked the look of the MGF, so I put in a cheeky bid, expecting to get out bid, and i won it, it's an 1.8 VVC done 74000 just had belts done, head gasket at 63000, so the normal issues are ok, Bad bit, it failed MOT on inner wheel arch corrosion, so will need welding,but the subframe is ok, bodywork from the photos i have seen looks to be OK, Its a marmite colour, Gold, I am hiring a pick up on Thursday to go to Eastleigh to pick it up, Its going into my local garage on Friday to have the welding done and a new mot,

So whilst i don't own a 75, or ZT now, I'm very much still in the MG rover family and hope to join in a few runs out later, once hte cars all done.
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Old 10th June 2024, 12:46   #2
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Glad to know that you are staying with a MG. Have fun with the top down.

235,536. MG club weekend away on the horizon.

onen hag oll
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Old 10th June 2024, 14:45   #3
Raven Black
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Default Time

Hi Martyn, Yes it was time; you sure had your issues with that car. I am glad to hear you got the mg - I am sure you will enjoy it.

All the best,

2002 Connie SE CDTi Raven Black saloon
1978 MGBGT Brooklands Green
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Old 10th June 2024, 14:57   #4
This is my second home
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Good choice of engine for the F.

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Old 10th June 2024, 17:23   #5
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The F/TFs are fantastic little cars. Enjoy!
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