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Originally Posted by SD1too View Post
From whom have you heard that Melvyn?

Hammerite, or Smoothrite as it was renamed many years ago when the hammered finish was discontinued, is the ideal choice as:
  • It's specifically formulated for use on rusty metal.
  • It requires minimal preparation and no primer.
  • It's available in aerosol cans for a superior finish to brush application.

Why make life complicated, particularly if it's on the basis of questionable opinion?

My "questionable" opinion is that the new stuff is rubbish as I have used it twice (both spray and brush), using the same preparation and application that I always did, with the old "formulation" and it had not done as well as the old paint used to do! I prefer to buy "oil based" gloss paints now, for jobs around the house, as the "gloss" lasts much better than the "water based" products and you don't have to keep repainting year on year! Many "professional" painters and decorators share my view, as they have told me so, at the "Trade" paint counter!
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Old 17th June 2024, 09:26   #12
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Many thanks for everyone's advice and opinions.
There's time for me to mull it over before the end of autumn when I will get the job done after the grass growth slows down. Thanks again.
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