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Posted a thing or two
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Default Berlin

A while back I posted some photos from my time in The Falklands, while bemoaning the fact that the RAF sent me to a cold and desolate place. To redress the balance a bit I thought I'd share some photos from the best posting I had, which was at RAF Gatow in Berlin between 1988 and 1990. While there I was privileged to witness first hand one of the major historical events of the late 20th century, that being the fall of the Berlin wall on November 9th 1989. I took the final photo in the room at Plotzensee prison where some of the conspirators in the bomb plot to assassinate Hitler on July 20th 1944 met a grisly end - it was a very eerie place to visit and literally spine chilling.


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Fantastic pictures
Lest we forget..
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Posted a thing or two
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Recognise some of those places from when I supported my Son when he ran the Berlin marathon last year. Changed a wee bit.
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What an absolutely marvellous and historic collection of pictures! My wife and I visited Berlin for a long weekend in the mid 80's and did the visit to the East through Checkpoint Charlie so your pictures brought back a lot of memories. Well done.
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Gets stuck in
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In my line of business I never managed Berlin (which of course was isolated sort of in the middle of the GDR) in the period prior to the wall coming down but did make an eerie visit one afternoon to the border near Kassel at the invitation of my West German host (just about as far west as the GDR extended in those days) - shiver!!
I did however spend a lot of time in Poland pre-glasnost and if there was anywhere as bad as East Berlin it was Warsaw or Lodz although the Polish regime was a little more benevolent. Unfortunately I didn't take any pictures (for obvious reasons) since I valued my ability to be able to move around the country relatively freely - but boy was that place backward, goodish utility inter-city train service but by road once out of the urban areas it was like being back in the late 1800's, barely a car (or even many trucks) to be seen and transport either tractors or horse drawn carts of a perculiar truncated inverted wedge shape section; even the small towns had just dirt roads running through them and drab was the new colour, dreary the latest fashion for everything but vodka and cigarettes were always in plentiful supply.
I don't know how joe schmo managed to exist but it was a great illustration of how communism simply didn't/couldn't work - dreadful place then, what a difference now.

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