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Old 30th June 2020, 21:51   #51
Mike Noc
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I wouldn't worry too much Mike - the quote was taken from this thread, and reading further down there is a retraction re the colour coding.

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Old 1st July 2020, 00:11   #52
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I did some searching today and found these being sold via a well know seller of Rover MG products, so i presume they are the correct hydro mounts for the diesel. PS never presume anything.

Buyer beware these slosh.

PS questions sent to Nick to find out what he as to say about the above mount?

OK so apparently these slosh too and are not old /new stock, i thought with the RoverMG box in the back ground they would have been the genuine item as in before the Chinese started doing them.

Reply from ECP below.
(We only sell one type for both petrol and diesel that does have the sloshing sound but they are not Rover boxed ones.

The only Rover boxed ones come from X-Part but we don't buy them as the sell out would be £139 and unfortunately the vast majority would not buy them
If anyone wants a Rover boxed version from X-Part I'm happy to buy one and sell at a trade price if they do.

When we only supplied the dearer ones a few years ago I don't remember if they made any noise or not i'm afraid.
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Well quite simply look at the price difference:

Rimmer brothers and other Xpart outlets charge £140 for a genuine mount.

DMGRS charge £50.

Why so cheap if itís a genuine part? I have never known an engine hydro mount on ANY car make a sloshing sound.
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