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Default Sagging tourer headlining

Good morning all,can anyone recommend a perforated vinyl headlining for a sandstone interior for a 2001 tourer as mines sagging again after fitting a replacement one and a y recommendations on a decent glue?
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I can't help with the perforated headlining, but my tourer headlining is sagging.
I glued it using the correct adhesive (in my view) and a vinyl wrap squeegee to smooth down. Brilliant result, but, unfortunately it caused other sections of the lining to sag! If you go down the glue route, ensure you mask off the bits you don't want to glue as it splatters quite a bit.


I've decided to use pins for the time being until I can afford the bill at a trimmer.

Good post here


Good luck!

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Old 23rd October 2019, 02:09   #3
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I had good luck finding proper headlining material on E-Bay.
Mind you, I am on the opposite side of the pond.
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Jeff Turbo
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Try using this method as i've done this on many of my cars. Same prinicle on all cars with headlining https://maestro.org.uk/forums/forum/...g-on-a-montego
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Jim Jamieson
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The only real solution to the sagging headlining is to re trim it which is not as difficult as one may think.
Probably the most tedious part is removing the headliner from the car.
Iíve re trimmed a few in my day and new cloth can be easily obtained along with the proper glue.
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