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Default New Internet Service...

Just changed our Internet Provider whose supply to our home was via phone line, with about 10Mbps Download and at best 800Kbps Upload. They could not give us a fibre optic service, we have a pole with the cable and boxes at the wall only 10 metres from the house. So we went to their opposition who said that they could supply a better service and cheaper, they did so on last Tuesday. The connection is fibre to all outlets in the house, so a complete upgrade, the results are 547Mbps Download and 134Mbps Upload,
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I've recently dispensed with the landline too for similar reasons plus the quality of the line for phone calls was so poor that it was rarely used for that purpose. Fibre is available here but I think it is a little too pricey atm for my needs so I have opted to try a 4G service and it is working well. I access the net via the mobile phone network using a purpose-bought wireless router with my mobile phone's sim card in it. Currently this is saving me ~ £20/mth as my mobile phone service meets all of my needs with the unused data allowance that I have accrued with it and which I am currently using. The saving will fall in a month or two as I use up my current stash of stored data allowance and have to replace it but by then I expect to have saved maybe £40-£60 depending on my rate of use. After that and at current prices I still expect to save ~ £10-£12/mth going forward.

Using your main mobile phone sim in a 4G router is not ideal and not without problems, the 4G router really needs its own dedicated sim. I suspect that most if not all of the ISPs are aware of the growing use of 4G wireless sim card routers and therefore the need for two different sim cards to be issued on the one account. Maybe the provision already exists, I don't yet know as I'm new to this way of doing things and I'm still researching and learning.
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Every housing estate round ours has fibre from the bt exchange bar ours, so next street can get it <100m away and maybe all others around 500m away from my house can get it, but our small estate can get a max of 3mb and guaranteed 1mb, so use virgin up to 500mb if I wish
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