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And perhaps there's no marketing value in having a car with excellent rust resistance as we live in a throw away society so who cares if it'll last more than a handful of years.

Madness if you ask me. . Just make it look pretty and pack it with gizmos and away you go.

I'd have a manufacturer liable absolute minimum life expectancy of 10 years on all none service items (electronics etc.) and much, much longer than that on bodyshell etc.

That way we wouldn't be throwing away so many massively resource hungry items (aka cars) so quickly.

But I'm dreaming aren't I.......

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I reckon there's a few things going on re. MoT's since the changes in May last year. Fact is, it seems to be a lot stricter.

Having said that, the Jag's fail is shocking!

1. Many rust items that would have warranted an advisory pre-May '18 now seem get a fail. (For example an Alfa I own failed on rust on the rear of the spare wheel well. It was present at the last MoT without even an advisory! Seems even surface rust can fail a car?).

2. That Jag is 14 years old... That's not too bad given that the average life of a car in the UK is around 8 years.

3. Salt. The UK uses enormous quantities every year. Compare the underside of any UK based car with something that's lived on the continent, esp. southern Europe...!

Now gone: 2000 Rover 75 CDT. Manual. Tahiti blue (JRJ).

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Repairs: Rad fan. Clutch/flywheel. Exhaust. Rear light seals. Front bushes & ARB links. Springs. A/C regas. Alternator regulator. Window 'B' post trim.
Future: Remote boot release.
Front end drop, 160 remap..!?

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