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Old 22nd January 2016, 22:26   #11
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WD isn't a lubricant, all that will do is dry everything.
I use GT85 on mechanical parts and a smearing of Vaseline on the seals
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On mechanical locks, graphite is great but keep it clear of electronic circuits as it can act as a shorting agent!
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Powdered graphite is recommended for cylinder locks (the type normally found on house front doors) which have small cylindrical pins in them that fit into small cylindrical holes. Wet lubricants tend to dry out or thicken over time and cause the pins to stick. Powdered graphite is exactly the same stuff as pencil lead, so if it's just one lock it is probably not worth buying it. http://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Silca-Grap...gAAOSwG-1WzcL0 You can make your own by rubbing a pencil on a nail file or similar. The advantage of the bottle is that you can puff the graphite into the lock and lubricate the pins rather than just the key.
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Old 18th May 2018, 17:28   #14
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Originally Posted by matt55 View Post
I need some help please, when the outside temp drops to 0 my boot and drivers back door locks freeze.

I've tried the usual wd40 then vaseline still no joy can any body suggest a good product ?


The best stuff in the market is Kabba lock cleaner if that does not solve your problem then a spray with Kabba then a touch of graphite grease. Please donít use WD40 it will gunge up the lock something terrible. Fish oil is sticky messy stuff that attracts Dirt and dust. Nasty stuff is WD40.

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Old 5th July 2018, 16:17   #15
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I've used https://www.ebay.co.uk/itm/Victor-Lo...-/221536083978 the past couple of years and been really pleased with it
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