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Gets stuck in
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I used a private dentist for some years and very good they were- I changed to a NHS dentist about 5 years ago, and they are very good. I have checked all their professional qualifications and they are from various parts of the world and each compare. Its a puzzle why you have no NHS dentists up there,smaller population? I never fail to be suprised at the hordes of people who want to live down here, we are falling over each other. Best of luck with the MP, maybe try and rattle the cage of the Dentist professional body,that might produce some reaction?? Chris S.
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This is my second home
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Originally Posted by mbev51 View Post
You talk about my MP, Iím currently in back and forward email conversation already about another matter. He has one of the safest Tory seats in the country, even at election times he doesnít come round. One of the previous MPs, Rory Stewart, I actually had some time for, a rare man of sound knowledge and integrity. The concern I continually raise with my current MP is that in his constituency they are no NHS dentists taking on new patients, and that has been try for a while now, another one has just gone private this month. I donít want to open up another Ďfrontí with him discussing my views on reckless COVID policy decisions.
I mentioned the mp, as your issue and complaint is mainly a legislative matter and trying not to introduce political discussion. But your comment above goes some way to explain some of your previous arguments on this forums. You could.do what a friend of mine did for himself and his family, and that was to move house.

I stated 'mainly' above, as you are an intelligent person, and you must realise travel, is a risk and a source of spread of the virus. Particularly on what are, to use a harsh but effective term mentioned above, essentially whims (reading between the lines regarding not just your family trip, but also when you have said about going abroad). Therefore to complain about others, who have the ability to do something about wearing a mask but dont, is hypocritical and quite selfish.

For sure the govt. Could have handled it differently, however, to be fair, we know this only really with hindsight. No one truly knew what was going to happen. But we all know little things individuals do, can and do help. We can sacrifice a year or two of pleasure for the greater good surely. I cant help but think back to the war years, and in particular rationing.

Coincidentally, not 30 minutes ago, I spoke to his mother. She told me that he is coming over soon (he was born and raised in NI, but now lives in north Wales due to work). The reason for his rare, since covid, visit is to have work done on his teeth! He was unable to get a dental appointment this side of christmas - not sure if it is nhs related though, but apparently he is in pain., rather than cosmetic.

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Posted a thing or two
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My only criteria in choosing a dentist is that it must be a NHS dentist as Iím am a firm believer in it
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I will find or make a way
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So, the institution triumphs over the cost. I'm sure, for you, it's the right decision.

However the question was about the need. I've never needed urgent dental work, still have all my own teeth except three which were removed as a minor following an accident and my own periodical check-ups are with a NHS dentist. I do know though if I were in agony and without a NHS registered dentist I wouldn't hesitate to go private, and without any qualms whatsoever. The NHS in my experience is like the legendary curate's egg - good in parts.
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