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Originally Posted by chris75 View Post
May I disagree ? Speckled hen must have excellent penetrating properties as after 5 or 6 pints of it I can get any part off my car Unfortunately they are in no state to go back on again ......
Between you and me, I do have to admit there's a picture of me performing a clutch change on my old ZS diesel; in this picture you can see the lovely shiney new clutch and release bearing... sitting on top of a crate of Strongbow.

I was that fed up with the car, I doubt I'd have done the job without it.

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Originally Posted by Jules View Post
From my workshop library if it helps

And one way of re securing it as MGR state the blade cannot be re-used.
Wrong we've been re using them for years !
For belt & braces, apply blue Hylomar or similar compound which does NOT set hard as the blades flex during use.

That's interesting, the previous one I did just came off easily, and went back on easily. Never fell off either!
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