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Old 29th June 2020, 13:21   #21
This is my second home

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As regards so called “professional” decorators - my experience is equally dire as the others posted here.

The best one was my In-Laws when they moved into their bungalow. It needed a complete go over as the people before had done nothing for years.

My FiL was recovering from bowel cancer and MiL had osteoporosis. I worked a lot away from home so the got decorators in.

The wall paper my in laws chose was not my choice at all - very “twee” with flowers and bows (shoe lace bows - not bows as in arrows).

These so called “professional” decorators hung the wallpaper upside down.

The “lace ends” of the bows were pointing up to the ceiling rather than hanging down.

The effect was very odd with all these gravity defying bows.

And then there was the tiling in the bathroom - never seen such a bodge in all my life. The bath leaked from day one.

It’s like cars - a well maintained car by a competent and enthusiastic DIY’er is often a better bet than one that has been “serviced” by a garage.
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Old 29th June 2020, 13:24   #22
Saga Lout
I really should get out more.......
MG ZT and Rover 75,

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Default I don't think so.

Originally Posted by baxlin View Post
Won’t even clear varnish give it a yellowish tinge from outset?

I don’t use gloss on woodwork now, I use a soft sheen, put on with a brush, and then go over it straightaway with a small sponge roller, to get rid of the brush marks. Gives a slight stippled finish, almost as if it’s been sprayed on, which I like.
The water based stuff is like milk, it dries crystal clear as there's no oil based product in it.
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Originally Posted by Saga Lout View Post
I think I'm living on the Forth bridge...
I'm doing the hall, stairs and landing right now and then freshening up the dining room. I have found something interesting about paint during the process, I used Dulux gloss White in the living room and it's Yellowing after eighteen months, I used the Dulux gloss White primer first on the coving and the woodwork, it's the woodwork that's Yellowing, the coving is still bright White but has the Matt finish. I'm going to paint the woodwork with the primer and then use a water based varnish to give it the shine, I reckon it won't go Yellow if I'm right.
We had a similar problem previously with white gloss paint that was Dulux, after some research it seems that providing the paint is exposed to sunlight it will stay white but if it has no exposure it turns yellow, we found that Crown liquid gloss is more tolerant and lasts longer
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Old 30th June 2020, 14:20   #24
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We moved in here 15 years ago. There are still no rooms papered, all painted by the two of us before we moved in. Painted twice since then at 6 year intervals (only the two of us here).

Before we moved in I fitted a new kitchen, all there was here was a single basin with two taps. Absolutely nothing else. Also fitted a new bathroom. That entailed removing the lathe & plaster ceiling and plaster boarding a new one, removing the brick wall between the bathroom and loo, removing all the orrible wall tiles and fixing a new surface to take the new tiles floor to ceiling, and including some ancient Japanese artwork tiles and several lighting points. New floor marble and subfloor before installing two basins, with dedicated hairdresser one so Celia can do a miracle wash herself. Then the usual 'offices'. That lot stays no matter what happens.

So, with the painting of walls due, and sticking to the 6 year conscience rule, we'll be buying yet more paint in about 2023. Can't wait. Honest. We expect to be virus free then too.
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Old 30th June 2020, 21:10   #25
Foreign correspondent.
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With a permanent caravan on a good site we offered a weeks holiday to any one who would decorate one room in our house.
Through the course of the summer the house was decorated throughout.

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Old 1st July 2020, 09:01   #26
This is my second home
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Mrs w44nty cleans the bungalow from top to bottom,then when we have friends to stay she says those immortal words

"You will have to excuse the mess"

I decorate at least once a year,especially kitchen,lounge and hall about every 2-3 years,bedrooms 4 years,so I am always doing one or the other each year.
Steve And Georgie
Signing out.


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