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Originally Posted by deezee View Post
Good morning Rick-sta,
I just saw your post last night for your new batch of ipk lcd sreens.
I have a 2003 Rover 75 Tourer, 2.5 v6 connie and since my ownership in 2016, the hi level screen has been "dead".
I tried for a screen last March but had missed your deadline by the time I saw your post.
Can the new screen you offer be fitted into my instrument panel, replacing the one that doesn't work?

My local dealer suggested BBA-Reman, but they say they are unable to make a repair to it (don't know why).

I'll happily send a deposit for one of your new batch of screens if you think a replacement will work.

Kind regards,
deezee (David)
Hi David,

The cause could be one of the following:

1. the IPK screen not working is often caused by a glitch, and a battery reset cures it by disconnecting and reconnecting your battery. If the car battery has never been disconnected during your ownership it would be worth a try.

2. The screen has failed or someone has tampered with the screen in the past causing it to fail. I don't come across IPK screens which have failed completely where they stop working very often, what I usually find in these cases is someone has tried to repair the lines on the screen at some point and instead has caused the screen to fail by damaging the ribbon cable or the connections. If this is the case, then a replacement new screen will get it working again.

3. The instrument cluster is at fault. I've come across this a few times where the instrument cluster is faulty and no longer operates the IPK screen. Replacing the screen does not cure this. If this is the case a replacement instrument cluster is needed which I can supply.

If it turns out the instrument cluster is faulty, it would still be worth going for a new screen which I can install to the replacement cluster for you, as the replacement clusters are used ones and I very rarely ever get one in which isn't showing lines on the factory IPK LCD screen.

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