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Car Of The Month :
October 2019

'The Flying Banana' by Flying Banana

On March the 24th 2010 I collected this stunning Yellow MG ZT 1.8t from a garage in Potton Bedfordshire. I Never really wanted a Yellow car. A friend of my late wife nicknamed the vehicle “The Flying Banana” and the name has stuck ever since. People even address me as Mr Flying Banana.

The story has been told before about those dark days of my life with my late wife being hospitalised for 16 weeks across two hospitals, and then having 16 months in a nursing home before she took the hands of the Angels on the 23rd December 2010. Most of you will know what depression can do to a person, driving them to the edge of sanity, but because of this car she held me back from tipping over the edge. Also by now I had discovered the Owners Club, and through it I was able to attend a few meets in The Flying Banana.

In one year I attended 55 meets/shows in 52 weeks. Come rain or shine I would attend all over the UK. Oh! We had issues, mainly expensive ones but Banana stuck by me through thick and thin. The car was invited to attend many a show, I used to tag along to take photo’s and pay the bills, but the shows/meets started to become an obsession and that nearly killed me. All these events were taking there toll on ole Yella as well.

She had five close encounters, and the paint was starting to look a bit tired. I always promised myself that one day when I had a spare few pennies I would get her fully resprayed. Jump forward to 2019 and that’s what I have done.

She's got a new coat which is my way of saying a thank you for all the valiant service that she has given me.

Who would have thought the I would keep Banana for this amount of time, and she will live on long after I have hung up my driving gloves. A fellow forum member will inherit her, all written in my will.

She has had magazine articles written about her, been on the telly when we took part in the New Years Day parade through London, she was invited to attend MG 90 at Silverstone. 90 MG’s through the years in the line up, Banana was no.84. Also the best ever event was when we was asked to represent this club at the NEC. I was chuffed to be asked as it was my second time there, the first time was with my 1st V8 Blue Thunder. She has won countless awards.

Now she is starting her retirement, when I bought her she was on 60,000 miles and now she is on 203,500. Currently she is laid up with a dodgy fuel pump. But all will be fixed ready for our move to our New home here in Saltash. She will be getting the garage to live in. The Bear will have a space and Redfive will sit out in the road till her new owner collects her.

Finally a huge thank you to all the friends we have made through this club.

Article written by member Flying Banana

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