The 75 and ZT Owners Club is always interested in developing closer links to relevant suppliers and fellow car club sites who appreciate and support our efforts. We feel it is only right to reciprocate the honour, and give recognition where it is due. Our view is that a rising tide raises all the boats, and we'll always keep supporting our favourite cars. In here you'll find a collection of companies as well as motoring bodies, like minded websites and helpful people who can assist you on a huge range of matters.

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MG Motors
News from MG Motors and more
As a club dedicated to the ZT saloon & ZT-T tourer we are proud to be associated with MG Motors, one of the most iconic names in sporting motoring which has an exciting future ahead of it.

Joint Rover Clubs (JRC)

Joint Rover Clubs afiliated members

The past four years has seen the formation of the Joint Rover Clubs (JRC) comprising the Rover Sports Register, Rover P4 Drivers’ Guild, Rover P5 Club, Rover P6 Club, Rover SD1 Club, Rover 200 & 400 Owners Club, Rover 600/800 Club, Rover Coupe Owners Club, Rover 200 BRM Club and Rover 75 & MG ZT Owners Club, all working together in equal partnership.

JRC has been created to promote closer co-operation between the clubs in areas such as publicity, events, meetings and regalia. Key individual club events are now being identified as being “in association with the Joint Rover Clubs” to encourage the participation of all models of Rovers, thereby adding further interest.
The first forum of its kind to be dedicated exclusively to the MG Rover marque, has an active 75/ZT section amongst others.

The MG ZT260 & Rover 75 V8 Website

A small but active band of owners who are dedicated to the bent-eight versions of the 75 and ZT

Midlands Nano Meets
If you have a job or modification to do but don't have the confidence to attempt it yourself, the Midlands Nano crew hold regular meets for forum members to help advise & assist.

Club SeventyFive
Club SeventyFive is a Luxembourg based organisation dedicated to the model. European events and news can be found here.

The Ultimate Rover 75 Website
With a huge directory of European dealerships and an active membership, r75 is a good source of information and news.

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